Rosemary Potato Bread

Another Brown-eyed baker success, this time I made Rosemary Potato bread.

The interesting thing about this bread was the use of a biga, which is a style of sponge that ferments overnight in the refrigerator. I think it added quite a bit of extra flavor to the bread.

Note: the recipe implies that if you make two boules, they should fit on a single cooking sheet. I tried it and found that they expanded too much and ended up having to reform them on separate sheets. Most likely, I just left them too long – so much for taking the dog for a long walk!

Very nice taste and texture – will probably bake it again in the future.


Pepperoni rolls!

Since yesterday, Jan 6, was “Three Kings Day” or “Epiphany”, my wife really wanted me to make a “Galette de Rois” which is traditionally eaten on that day. It’s more of a cake/pie than bread, so I opted for something else with a surprise inside – Pepperoni rolls 🙂 I patterned the recipe after the Soft Cheese and Pepperoni Bread by the “Brown Eyed Baker”. The one thing I changed was to add a couple of tablespoons of chopped garlic as well as the optional chopped onion.

It starts with a fairly soft dough, rolled out thin, then add pepperoni and shredded mozzarella cheese:

I really need practice rolling dough so it comes out even. I guess that’s part of this experiment to make some bread every day until I get it right!

Anyway, the result was 4 medium loaves of deliciousness:

Good by itself, maybe a bit better with some warm marinara sauce. Note: the reason the loaves have different finishes is I was playing a bit by misting two of them during the bake to get a bit firmer crust.