Bagels are bread, n’est-ce pas?

Yesterday, Jan 10, bagels were on my mind. I decided to try two different kinds at once; the sweet Cinnamon Rasin ones that my wife likes and the only kind I eat: Garlic!

The preparation of these two styles of bagel were really quite different. The Cinnamon Raisin ones used very little proofing, just a few rest periods. Also, the bagel itself was formed by making a rope and connecting the two ends (which was really hard to get right and failed about 75% of the time!).

This is what they looked like, after resting but before being boiled:

The final result didn’t look too much like the ideal bagel, but they were quite tasty. See what I mean about the ends not staying together (bottom right)?

The Garlic bagels used a more traditional bread approach. The dough was set aside to rise (double in size), punched down and then split into 8 pieces:

Each piece was then rolled into a ball and the hole formed by punching a finger through and then working it into the nice bagel shape. I thought I had made large enough holes, but many of them closed up after a rest and then being boiled:


The result, basted in garlic and olive oil, came out simply delicious. The only improvement on the next one I eat will be to split, toast and slather with cream cheese!