A Brief Visit to Telluride, CO

On our way home from our week-long vacation in Ouray, we decided to take a small detour and visit Telluride.

Incredibly gorgeous, tucked away in the mountains, with that “old time mountain town” feel.

I had never visited before, although I flew into the airport during one of my CAP mountain flying camps. The airport is a bit challenging; the west end is affectionately known as “the ski jump”


Lots of cute things as well – check out the tires on these bicycles:

And, of course, there is the “pooch parking”!


Christmas Day, 2013

For the week of Christmas of 2013, we rented The Hill House in Ouray, CO.  Everyone was able to be there, even if for just a few days.  On Christmas day, we all went snow shoeing near Ironton Park, just south of Ouray.

This photo (a “selfie”) was taken from a tree stump in the San Juan mountains, near Ouray, CO