Christmas Day, 2013

For the week of Christmas of 2013, we rented The Hill House in Ouray, CO.  Everyone was able to be there, even if for just a few days.  On Christmas day, we all went snow shoeing near Ironton Park, just south of Ouray.

This photo (a “selfie”) was taken from a tree stump in the San Juan mountains, near Ouray, CO



Soooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooow!

Today, Jan 3, I tried the Julia Child French Bread recipe for the third (and probably last for a while) day.  I was confident with the success of Jan 2 that this would be easy!  For whatever reason(s), it was anything but 😦

The main problem was that the dough pretty much refused to rise.  I think this may have been because the house (hence kitchen) was a bit cool.  It may also have been due to a bit too much of olive oil in the bowl I used.  I normally smear a small amount in the bowl to help the dough not stick.  Perhaps there was just too much – whatever.  It took the dough some six hours to achieve the first rise, including some coaxing by putting it into a slightly warmed oven (probably only 75F).  Anyway, I carried on with the full three rises (a total of nine hours) and formed a batard – a largish loaf containing the whole batch.  I originally formed it as a boule, something that looks more like a flattened soccer ball, but when I put that into the hot oven to cook, it collapsed into a thick, round puddle 😦  A quick reform and some resting then created the batard.

The result turned out to be not bad at all:

P1070094 P1070097

Next up; adventures with Sourdough bread 🙂 I made the starter on Jan 3 and will make the first bread from it starting on Saturday, Jan 4